Getting There 

Address: 220 E Main St, Marshalltown, IA 50158

Phone: (641) 844-5920

Just off of 3rd Ave in Downtown Marshalltown. 

Click here for the hotel block set aside for the event!

Parking & Registration


The Black Box/Auditorium - no food in these rooms!

Rainbow Six Siege and smite

This section is for Rainbow Six Siege and Smite. There are 40 computers organized in 4 pods. 

Student teams will be assigned to certain spots each round so students will know where they will be playing.

Students will need to log into their accounts or their school accounts via Epic, Steam, Ubisoft or however the game was purchased.

Teams need to bring their own keyboards, mice and headsets. If you're bringing a PS4 or PS5 please make sure it is wired. 

There are no supplementary materials for play other than the PC and monitor.
Make sure all additional things (keyboards, mice, headphone) are brought with! 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This is also where students will be playing SSBU. The room will be set up with TV's back to back in the middle while the furniture will be on the outsides.

We will also assign teams and games to certain TVs/Pods. We encourage teams to bring their own Joycons and controllers for the Switch.  If you plan to use a Game Cube controller then you need to bring the adapter for the Switch. Make sure you have a screenshot or a photo of your joycon or controller layout profiles. 

We would also recommend bringing your Nintendo Switch.

Food Options

Limited concessions will be available on site through Marshalltown High School with catered in Casey's Pizza. Other candies and drinks will be available as well. 

Midwest Dairy will also be providing a Gamer Refuel Station with various dairy products, including milk, yogurt, string cheese, and more. All of this is also available to students at no cost! 

Marshalltown also has many food and amenities a short distance from the venue. Some of the Chamber of Commerce's partner restaurants can be found here. Some discounts may be available for state participants at select locations! More to come! 

The Lobby/Registration Desk

This lobby area will be perfect for your fans and your students to sit, talk with other teams, and refuel. This area will also have a post-game center for interviews and photographs! 

There is a prominent registration desk directly inside the parking lot doors. Exec Team members will be stationed there to intake you and your team at the designated times. At registration, you and your team will receive lanyards/wristbands for access into designated areas, as well as to indicate where you are from! These lanyards will be able to be taken home by students. 

Registration for each day will begin at 8am, with the first round of play commencing at 9am. 

The Front Entrance

This is going to be where college recruiters will be able to meet with students in a more private setting, as well as other vendors and sponsors. This is located directly outside of the auditorium near the concessions