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Questions, Concerns, or Comments?

General inquiries can be sent to:

Member schools, upon being granted probationary membership status, should join the IAHSEA Discord server and conduct primary communications there.

Individual members of the executive team can be reached via email by clicking on thier names below:

President: Christian Carper

Vice President: Levi LaRue

President-Elect: Lauren James

Treasurer: Cory Reid

Secretary: Chris Kyhl

If you would like to report a code of conduct violation, please fill out the IAHSEA Code of Conduct Violation Form.

After completing the form, the executive team will reach out to schools involved for more information. Then, using the available evidence, conversations with member schools, and official documentation such as the Expectations of a DEC, School, and Student-Athlete documents, the Bylaws, and the manuals for individual game titles, a determination of the next steps will be made, and necessary parties will be notified.