Startup Guide

School Approved Coach/Director

Each program needs at least one school approved coordinator.

    • IAHSEA requires each participating school to have a coordinator approved by the administration/school board to participate

    • The coordinator will be in charge of communication with the IAHSEA as well as communication between other IAHSEA members.

    • The coordinator is expected to supervise all competitions as well as plan and organize practice schedules.

    • Expectations of the Designated Esports Coordinator (DEC) can be found in this document

Recruiting Team Members

  • Survey students to decide what games your district should offer.

  • Host open game times for students to play with others.

  • Have a meeting or announcement to explain to students what esports are. (any video game, individual or team, console or PC, that students can compete in)

    • At the meeting discuss the program’s norms and expectations. (This may be the first experience for many of the students involved)

  • Official Expectations of an IAHSEA Student-Athlete can be found in this document

Identify the practice/competition space as well as equipment

This step will vary greatly by district.

  • We have links to individual schools’ testimonials listed on the FAQ page as a guide depending on the district’s needs.

  • Also please reach out to the IAHSEA, we are glad to help!

Organize teams/schedules

There will be a number of factors that will set the schedule

    • Student availability

    • Number of games the program is competing in

    • Practice space availability

The number of students participating will also affect your teams

    • Is there a JV roster?

    • How does your program distinguish JV and varsity?

Links to signup, find info for season/games (IAHSEA walk-through)

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