Please see pod #'s above to find the right livestream

Day Three Pod One:

OW 2 9am Osage vs Woodbine

OW 2 11am

OW2 2pm

OW 2 Championship 6pm

Day Three Pod TWO:

OW 2 9am Lake Mills vs Woodward-Granger

OW 2 11am 

OW 2 2pm 

OW 2 3rd Place 4pm

Day Three Pod three:

OW 2 9am North Tama vs Wapello

OW 2 11am 

RL Rd 1 Match 1 1:30pm Forest City vs West Liberty

RL Rd 1 Match 3 2:15pm Okoboji vs Sheldon

RL Rd 2 Match 5 3:00pm  

RL Rd 2 Match 6 3:45pm

RL Consolation Round Match 9 4:45pm

RL Championship 3rd Place Match 11 5:30pm

Day Three Pod FOUR:

OW 2 9am Belmond Klemme vs Dike New Hartford

OW 2 11am 

RL Rd 1 Match 2 1:30pm Harlan vs Dike New Hartford

RL Rd 1 Match 4 2:15pm Fairfield vs Williamsburg

RL Rd 2 Match 7 3:00pm 

RL Rd 2 Match 8 3:45pm

RL Consolation Round Match 10 4:45pm

RL Championship Match 6:30pm