Getting There 

Here is the address

6500 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, IA 50266

You will get on I-35 and take Exit 69

Parking & Registration

If you are bringing any school vehicles NOT buses, you are able to park anywhere in the RecPlex parking lot. The Esports Arena and Basketball Courts are located on the right side of the building and that is where registration will be.

If you are bringing a bus, you are able to drop off students and equipment in front of the Main Entrance. We then ask you to park buses on the SE parking lot.

Parking for guests and spectators will be anywhere in the RecPlex parking lot as well.

Registration will be in front of the Esports Arena starting at 8am for Mario Kart Session 1 and Smite and 1pm for Mario Kart Session 2

The Schedule & BRACKET

Please note that the schedule will always be a floating schedule and we will move ahead of schedule when we can. For Smite, we will wait for an entire round to complete and an additional 20 minutes before moving onto the next round so every team gets at least a 20 minute break in between matches. For Mario Kart, we will wait until all pods are done and then move forward from there. 

The Esports Room - no food in this room!


We will have the 30 computers that the RecPlex has on site and then we will have 10 computers on the other side of the room for a combined total of 40 computers.

The computers will be in rows of five and not six like they were at the Fall Finals.

Student teams will be assigned to certain spots so students will know where they will be playing.

Students will need to log into their Epic or Steam accounts for Smite. Please make sure you have passwords for Discord as well.

We are encouraging teams to bring their own keyboards, mice and headsets. If you're bringing a controller, please make sure you have the capability to have them be wired.

There are no headsets in
the room! YOU MUST BRING

Mario Kart

Students will be in pods on the left side of the room. We are strongly encouraging everyone to bring their own Switch and their own dock for the Switch that can be labeled with your team's name on it. Teams may be moving around with their Switch to play against other teams, but we would like the docks to remain in their location. 

TVs will be provided (40 inch TVs is the current plan for most of the pods). 

The Basketball Court - no food in this room!

We do not plan on using the basketball court for the Spring and will be encouraging everyone to stay in the waiting room area to the left of the esports arena. 


Here is a list of the concession stand food and prices that will be available during the day. 

The concession stand area is located on the first floor on the left hand side of the RecPlex (the opposite direction of the Esports Arena). 

The Lobby

This lobby area will be perfect for your fans and your students to sit, talk with other teams, and watch the games being played on the TVs that are in the lobby. 

Other Information

There will be an inside soccer turf field for students and the public to be able to go in and use for $5.